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111 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - President Muhammadu Buhari, please don't do it!
The new service chiefs will succeed where the current ones that have been politicized and compromised have failed and combined with the spiritual aspect of the current menace of Boko Haram, Nigeria will be rid of these Satanists. But that is where the good...
112 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The inevitability versus possibility of God's blessings and prophecies
If a seer or prophet/prophetess told you that you would be a great and successful person in life, that is not a cinch. If it was prophesied into your life that you would be a king or queen one day, you aren't a shoo-in. Whatever you are going through in...
113 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Dealing with demon of witchcraft in family and mid-year prophecies
A sister called from New York and listed litany of problems she was going through. I wanted to pray with her, the Holy Spirit told me her problem was not prayer. He commanded me to ask her some questions. Later, I was instructed to tell her to do certain...
114 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - A befitting ode and rare requiem to my good friend and attorney, Olakunle Felix Fadipe (1963-2014)
I was rudely and greatly shocked beyond my wits. I still am. Even as I am trying to put these befitting panegyrics together, the gruesome murder of my friend, classmate, confidant, a friend that sticks to more than a brother, a fellow believer and my...
115 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Beyond the glitz and glam of FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 are spiritual eye-openers
I never liked him. I still don't. I don't hate him because a Christian should not harbor hatred. He may be a good soccer player and successful footballer but there is something weird about the fellow that makes one cringe. I am talking about Mr. Luis...
116 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Death is the segue into heaven for the believer's homeward journey
Every believer in the Bible announced the time for their graduation, which we human beings called Death. For the believers, death is our time to leave the journey of life and go home and rest. Papa Abraham announced his departure (Genesis 24: 1-8); Isaac...
117 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The up-coming Christian Walk Revivial across the length and breadth of Nigeria
These forthcoming revival activities were directed by the Holy Spirit and it will take us to 14 major cities and towns in Nigeria in the coming months. For those with spiritual insights, a great spiritual warfare had just taken place in the land. Again,...
118 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Madam Aina Rachel Fayemiwo (1925-2016): Ding dong, the witch is dead as I prophesied
When the news came from one of my cousins last week via Facebook, it was surreal indeed. I was not taken aback nonetheless because I saw it. For ardent readers of this column, you have read about my stories on this woman who was a witch in the Fayemiwo...
119 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - How death is tied to your mission on Earth: What is God's Purpose for you; How can you know His Will for your life?
Death doesn't occur until every human soul is weighed on the accomplishment of his or her mission on earth. Some human beings do not accomplish their purpose on earth: babies aborted, those killed for other reasons, for instance, the thousands, if not...
120 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The razzmatazz of FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014: A spiritual analysis
Take for example the match between Switzerland and Ecuador last Sunday; a-3 -minutes extra time gave Switzerland the opportunity to put the match away and trumped over Ecuador 2-1. In the journey of life, it is not over until it is over. The Word of...

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