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101 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Why, when and how Boko Haram will be defeated under President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria?
History is not on the side of Boko Haram. Their murderous activities can and will be stopped but we cannot play by their rules. Here are some commonsensical steps that the Buhari Administration can take to stamp out this virus before it metastasized across...
102 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Revelation and Prophecy from The True Lord God Almighty and Open Letter to Mrs. Jumoke Ajasin-Anifowose, Governorship candidate, Ondo 2016
As I have previously disclosed in this column, you will not win and become the first woman governor of a state in Nigeria, because you belong to the APC. You will become the governor of Ondo State and first woman governor of a state in Nigeria because the...
103 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The 12 knowledge areas of Satan as counterpoise to divine knowledge
Satan's ambition has always been and is to be like Our Jehovah Lord God Almighty but this God-wannabe cannot and will Never be. In the insane pursuit of his puerile ambition, Satan mimics the Creator all steps all the way beginning from the day he ran into...
104 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The Wheel of Life: How humans are born and how they die: Using Late Barrister Kunle Fadipe as spiritual analysis
Christianity can be boring at times when a born-again refuses to grow. A Christian can suffer from spiritual Down syndrome when he/she is content with the monotonous drudgery of going to church every Sunday and limited to reading Psalms and choice epistles...
105 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Memo as President Muhammadu Buhari comes to Washington
President Buhari should know that President Obama deeply respects President Buhari, and this is very rare in Washington. For long, at least since 1999, successive US Presidents have expressed concern about Nigeria as an embarrassing giant that constantly...
106 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Who is a witch? and mid-year revelation (Concluded)
I got an email from a supposed colleague of the academy, who prefixed his name with that elite title: 'Dr' ranting and complaining about my writing on witchcraft. In his vaunted advertisement of his well-heeled outlook and intellectual sophistication, he...
107 The seven works we must do for faith to work in our Christian Walk - Nigeriaworld Feature Article
All Christians reached this stage and pull back without 'works.' Apostle Paul gave examples of men and women of God in the Old and New Testaments referred to as Hallowed Members of the Hall of Faith by drawing out the 'works' they did which should serve as...
108 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - What does The Lord God Almighty want me to do?
Someone called me from Africa and said I should buy him a property in the United States and I asked if he has been given a visa to come here. 'I will buy the house first and then go and apply for American Visa.' So I asked him again: 'Suppose you aren't...
109 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The gruesome murder of my Nigerian Attorney Barrister Kunle Fadipe and spiritual matters arising
Sundry conjectures swirl around the unconscionable and heartless murder of my very good friend and Nigerian attorney, Barrister Kunle Fadipe, at his home in Lagos, Nigeria last week. As I disclosed in my tribute to him in this column last week, he had been...
110 Nigeriaworld Feature Article - What is knowledge; The First Gift of the Holy Spirit?
God Almighty is the repository of ultimate knowledge and the acme of wisdom, but there is a difference between knowledge and wisdom. The Lord God Almighty admonished everyone He created for His Glory to seek for His knowledge and He told Joshua as much:...

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